Early Life Continued…



Alright everyone, now where was I? Yes, I was talking about my younger years and left off the part of my dad teaching me the value of hard work! This teaching allowed me to become a future successful business owner and helped me be able to retire without any financial worries.

I hope everyone understands that money is not everything but it certainly helps when you get older and need to retire! Anyways, I had a great childhood, even though we were poor. I hated being poor and my dad encouraged me to do better than him and to not ever forget where I come from. I truly appreciated his mentorship and I now carry that on today to play it forward sort of thing.

For example, since I had a great amount of experience in towing, A young man was intrigued when he heard and asked me about 100 questions! I could tell that this guy was driven and just wanted the knowledge to succeed, so I decided to take him under my wing for a couple of years and teach him everything I knew about the towing business. This young fella soon became extremely knowledgeable and now owns his own company like me called Towing Carrollton. It makes me so proud when I see young people make the right choices for their lives and I’m happy to give back!

Well mentorship is something that I believe every young person needs in order to get where they they want to go in life. My dad was a fantastic mentor and I hope to do the same until the day that I leave this world. God Bless everyone and make it a great day!

Early life…


West Texas


Hello everyone! Mr. Morales here and just wanted to write today about my early life…My life began back out in a little town of West Texas. The town which I grew up in is called Alpine which now has a population of 6,000. I am definitely a country boy by heart and I always will be. I grew up in a time where yes sir and no maam was common compared to today in which it is rare.

I was very poor with my dad only having a freshman education and never graduating high school and my mom barely graduating high school. My dad did the very best he could and is by far the hardest working man I know to this day! My mom worked at the city and was known as the sweetest lady in all of Alpine!

Although, I was poor. I grew up with a great set of parents who loved me and cared about me. I was very fortunate in that aspect compared to many kids that I see nowadays growing up without fathers or mothers. I was taught the value of hard work from my father at an early age by delivering newspapers at 4:30 in the morning. It was extremely hard getting up that early at the age of twelve but I believe it was a preparation when I would become my own boss and own my own company!

Anyways, little things like this made me who I am today. I apologize but I will finish the rest of the post tomorrow.


Big Welcome from Mr. Morales!


Welcome everybody! My name is Wagner Morales but the locals from Plano Texas, know me as Mr. Morales. I am a 65 year old retired pastor/tow truck company owner for over 25 years. I understand many of you young kids might be wondering what a older folk like me even knows how to use the internet!

Well, long story short, I have become very fascinated with online communication and with the help of my granddaughter, I am now creating my own blog about my life. This site is mainly for my personal use and consider it therapy to talk about all that I’m feeling and experiencing as I’m aging. My wife passed away about a year ago and I find it quite therapeutic to blog.

Thank You again everyone and I hope you can bear with this old man’s writing =)